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Since this club was founded in the 1970s, it has remained an informal but highly supportive group for its like-minded business members. Our objectives are to discuss subjects important to individual members and the group, network effectively, and have a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast meeting every other Thursday. In addition to our bi-weekly meetings, we end each year with our annual banquet.

  • The club allows only one business representing any specific sector
  • Every member tries to bring at least one lead every meeting for another member. This contact is declared during the "leads round"
  • A member unable to offer a lead is fined a dollar, as is late arrival. At year end our surplus funds are donated to local charities
  • There are no meetings during the month of August
  • The Chair rotates every three months

Aside from the above, we have no rules other than those pertaining to good manners, good housekeeping and good sense. The club is dedicated to maintaining a high degree of integrity and ethics, and functions as a weekly forum for

  • leads generation
  • business networking
  • discussions on a wide range of business topics
  • inter-business support within the group

From time to time one or more of these will dominate, both through individuals' needs and preference of the group.


The club allows only one business representing any specific sector. Incumbents foreseeing a possible business conflict with a potential member may recommend non-approval of the proposed member. Current members decide whether the recommendation is granted.


Membership dues are $12.00 per month in advance and we each pay for our own breakfast

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